Safari-themed cafe, $1.30 dimsum and Vegan Burgers — Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari, Kuai San Dian Xin and VeganBurg Singapore

Hello from the wild side of Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari! Safari-themed cafe?! This cafe has actually been opened for a while now, but I was in awe of the huge tentage area which is reminiscent of the Africa Safari. I wouldn’t want to be in somewhere too hot, and the tentage is just right with it being kept cool all day.

Also, take a nice #OOTD in front of the tentage. haha While we can’t travel now, and if Africa is on your to-go list, why not visit this cafe for an experience!

Can’t go with their Lattes, Ham &…

5 Health Benefits of Oranges Beyond Vitamin C

Healthful eating starts with the ingredients you use, so it’s important to use fresh, seasonal ingredients that pack a nutritional punch. One of the easiest ways to meet your daily nutrient needs is to eat a variety of whole foods like fruit because they provide a unique mix of beneficial nutrients that can’t always be found in a supplement.

Oranges are best known as an excellent source of vitamin C to support a healthy immune system because one orange can offer 70–100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C depending on the varietal. …

7 Yogurt places to try in Singapore!

Having made having a healthier diet this year one of the new year resolutions, I make it a point to cut down on having bubble tea so Yogurt seems to the next best option, and places that sell yogurt are not commonly seen around Singapore other than those chain stalls such as Yole.

Yogurt is not only rich in nutrients, high in protein, and also beneficial for our digestive health. It may be good but always eat in moderation, ok!

I have compiled 7 places for everyone~

1) Super Dream

Yogurt cravings satisfied with the Strawberry yogurt with purple rice…

Add Protein and Immune Health Supporting Benefits to Your Coffee

Mornings may look different from the norm for many families but staying on track with healthy choices remains a top priority. While you may not be stopping at your favorite coffeehouse on the way to work or school drop-off, a new way to enjoy coffee has grown in popularity, allowing you to get more out of your cup of joe from home.

The popular trend, known as “proffee,” got its name from a protein and coffee combination that adds nutritional benefits to coffee drinks. By adding a protein-rich option like Premier Protein 30g High Protein Shakes to your coffee, latte…

Eat and Drink Your Way to Daily Wellness

Committing to a daily wellness routine may include many components from eating healthy and exercising to meditating and achieving quality sleep. For some, the most difficult of these goals is changing eating habits to consume more nutritious foods.

However, rethinking the way you eat (and drink) doesn’t have to mean a colossal shift in your diet. According to Healthline, clean eating and the addition of a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your daily routine can help support healthy digestion, weight range maintenance, healthy glucose levels, and a functioning immune system. …

10 Tips to Recognize Ripe Fruits

Keeping fresh fruit around the house provides a healthier alternative when your sweet tooth comes calling. Understanding how and when to buy at the peak of ripeness (or just before, in some cases) can help you avoid food waste while keeping your doctor happy.

Consider these simple tips for recognizing ripe fruits:

  1. Strawberries: Check the area at the top of the berry near the stem and leaves. A ripe strawberry is fully red; green or white near the top means the fruit is underripe.
  2. Watermelon: The “field spot,” or the area where the melon sat on the ground, should be…

10 Fishball Noodles 鱼丸面 stalls to try in Singapore!

Fishball Noodles or 鱼丸面 is a breakfast or lunch staple for Singaporeans. This can be found in hawker centers, coffee shops, some even have their standalone stalls. It is essentially springy noodles with fishball, fishcakes tossed in their sauce. Some with chili or vinegar or both. If you don’t want chili, there’s an option to have it with ketchup and soy sauce.

I prefer to have the fishball handmade than machine-made though. How about you?

1) Chao Zhou Fishball noodle 潮洲魚丸粿條面

The fishballs at Chao Zhou Fishball noodle are seriously so good!! Expect “boing boing” and soft textured fish ball…

Before all these generic Plastic playgrounds that we see currently now in Singapore, we have all these unique playgrounds that are custom designed. These were built to reflect Singapore’s culture and identity. I remember playing catching or just playing at the slides when I was young. Growing up in the late 80s means we get to enjoy these simple pleasures when we don’t have all these high tech gadgets. HDB stopped designing its own playground in 1993 due to safety reasons and has been importing them from overseas suppliers instead.

It was just a casual suggestion from a friend who…

As Singapore is multi-racial, we have amongst us many Japanese and Korean people and It is not easy to locate a hawker stall that sells good Japanese and Korean cuisines. I have tried Japanese rice bowls, ramen, Korean noodles, army stew, bibimbap, and unagi don. Hopefully, you can find something you like too.

1) Oishii corner

If you’re looking for Halal Japanese food at Toa Payoh, Oishii corner is an unassuming Halal Japanese hawker stall at Toa Payoh Kim Keat Palm Food Centre. It is opened by a Malay couple with the husband doing most of the cooking.

6 Udon stalls in Singapore you don’t want to miss!

I am used to traveling to Japan every year and Udon is a must-try for me when I’m there! Since traveling is not possible now, I have compiled some places for everyone to satisfy their cravings!

1) Maru-Ten Udon

Located in basement 1 of Novena Square Shopping Mall is Maru-Ten Udon. Their specialty is Sanuki udon. Udon noodles are smooth but significantly firmer and supple. As a huge mentaiko lover, I couldn’t resist getting the Mentaiko Butter Dry Udon. There was a generous dollop of mentaiko atop the noodles.

Chia Nicholas

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